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We Speak English Project (WSEP)

We help connect cultures through English. By coordinating multicultural events for international students, we help bring the world together through English.

Weightlifting Club

The CSUF Weightlifting Club is a friendly, supportive, and positive exercise environment to expose students/parents/community members to the competitive sport of weightlifting. We welcome people of all experience, backgrounds, abilities, and potential.

Women and Gender Studies Student Association (WGSSA)

The purpose of WGSSA is to bring feminist and intersectional issues to the forefront of California State University Fullerton. WGSSA is a great place to find students who are thinking, learning, and working for gender equity and social justice.

Women's Club Soccer

The CSUF Women's Soccer Club is a great way for students to play soccer in a competitive yet fun environment. The team is part of the West Coast Soccer Association and plays other Colleges during the Fall and Spring seasons.

Women's Club Volleyball (Vball)

As an organization we provide the opportunity for women to play competitive, high-leveled volleyball, build lasting friendships, and refine athletic ability through competing in both local and national tournaments.

Women's Lacrosse

Women’s Lacrosse is dedicated to promoting the sport of lacrosse in a positive and competitive environment, while encouraging student success in the classroom and on the field as well as teamwork involvement.