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Archers of CSUF

The purpose of the Archers of Cal State Fullerton is to further the expansion of the sport of Archery and join together as a team to represent California State University, Fullerton in Collegiate and Olympic level competition.

California State University Fullerton Men's Club Volleyball (CSUF Men's Volleyball)

The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for male students to participate in the sport of volleyball while interacting with other students of CSU Fullerton as well as other universities across the nation.

California State University, Fullerton Men's Water Polo

This club’s purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to play water polo and stay active on campus. Whether you’re wanting to learn, sharpen, or perfect the skill of playing water polo, all experience levels are welcome.

California State University, Fullerton Wushu Club (CSUF Wushu)

CSUF Wushu is an organization that allows any students and faculty members of CSUF to practice and learn Chinese martial arts. Practitioners of any experience level are welcome to learn and exercise the various Wushu techniques with us.

Club Baseball

CSUF Club Baseball's main purpose is to provide a secondary source of baseball for players who do not have the opportunity to play for our NCAA team on campus, but still have the interest and urge to compete at an intercollegiate club level.

Club Softball

CSUF Club Softball is a secondary source for Cal State Fullerton Students to compete intercollegiately at a competitive level.


CSUFAuto is a place for student/faculty/staff attending CSUF to network with others who hold the same interest in cars, regardless of make or model to gather in a common place.

CSUF Equestrian Team

The Cal State Fullerton Equestrian Team is a social organization with the purpose of providing CSUF students with the opportunity to partake in Equestrian activities and to compete at collegiate horse show competitions.

CSUF Fencing Club

A club for getting together to learn how to fence and to free fence. Fencers of all levels are welcome to join us!

CSUF Gaming & eSports (Titan Gaming)

CSUF's premier gaming club that offers a place for gamers to enjoy their favorite hobbies through community, special events, competition, and opportunities for work in the Gaming Industry.

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