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Pakistan Student Association (PSA)

The purpose of CSUF PSA is to bring together all the students on and around the campus regardless of race, religion, ethnicity and color. We aim to not only make friends but to bring about awareness of our beautiful country PAKISTAN and brilliant culture

Panhellenic Council (PHC)

The Panhellenic Council is the umbrella organization for CSUF's six social sororities. These include: Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta Sigma Kappa Zeta Tau Alpha

Peer Health University Network (PHUN)

Our Mission: "By advocating and embodying healthy lifestyle choices, Peer Health University Network inspires our diverse Titan community to work towards a healthier tomorrow."

Pencil Mileage Club (PMC)

The Pencil Mileage Club is a group of animators, illustrators, and visual art students at CSUF looking to create, connect and collaborate with one another.

Phi Alpha Theta (PAT)

Phi Alpha Theta is the National History Honor Society. CSUF's Theta-Pi chapter, established in 1962, promotes academic excellence through research, publications, conference participation, visits to historical sites and museums, as well as social events.

Phi Beta Delta

Phi Beta Delta is an honor society for international education. Membership benefits include distinction to your resume, participation in international activities, networking, scholarships, etc. PBD sponsors academic, philanthropic, and social events.

Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity (PKT)

Phi Kappa Tau is one of the most unique and diverse fraternal organizations on campus. Phi Tau is the oldest fraternity in Orange County and our growth as an organization has been hand in hand with the growth of CSUF.

Phi Sigma Kappa (Phi Sig)

Founded at CSUF in 1966, Phi Sigma Kappa provides the ultimate collegiate experience while assisting members to a successful graduation and providing lifelong connections far beyond each brother's time at CSUF. Damn Proud!

Philosophy Club (Phil Club)

We are a passionate group of students, friends and faculty who come together for social gatherings and events to cultivate and explore our shared interests in philosophy.

Physical Education Teacher Education Club (PETE Club)

The goal of this club is to create a community of students, undergraduate, credential, and graduate students, to discuss issues in physical education, network, and support each other in our common goal to increase physical activity.

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