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Film and Media Arts Association (FMAA)

A casual COMM club emphasizing professional networking and shared experiences in the film industry.

Finance Association (FA)

The purpose of Finance Association is helping students’ job hunt easier so they can have a peace of mind prior to graduation.

Flying Samaritans (Flying Sams)

Flying Samaritans at CSUF is a sub-chapter of the larger Palomar Chapter of the Flying Samaritans organization that intends to aid in the provision of free medical and vision care to the citizens of Mexico who lack health care.

French Club (le club français)

With a focus on the romance of France and all things French, we will delve into the language and culture with cakes and become friends united in how poorly we can sing "Be Our Guest."

Fresh Air Advocates (FAA)

CSUF has been a smoke-free campus since August 1, 2013. We are students who work together to use peer enforcement to promote our smoke/vapor-free policy.

Freshman Student Association (FSA)

Freshman Student Association (FSA) is a student-run organization that is facilitated and maintained by its all-Freshman Executive Board. We host a variety of fun events including social, community service & fundraising events for Freshmen by Freshmen.

Fullerton Foam Fighters Club

This club designed to introduce students to the sport of foam fighting. We simulate a medieval style combat through the use of foam weapons. This organization seeks to encourage the personal growth of students through aerobic and team building exercises.


We are an A cappella group on campus. We love to sing and perform and we all share a love for music.

Funny People Society: Improv and Comedy Club (F.P.S.)

If you wanna learn and perform Improv on a team of hilarious and genius people, come on out and give it a shot!

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