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Afro- Ethnic Student Association (AESA)

AESA contributes authenticity for the black community and focuses on social justice, cultivating unity, and highlighting the black experience.

alliance for the preservation of African consciousness (apac)

Alliance for the Preservation of African Consciousness (APAC) provides unity among African – American males, promotes awareness while addressing current societal issues in addition to redefining and creating a positive image of African males on campus

American Studies Student Association (ASSA)

The American Studies Student Association (ASSA)i s an active student group on the CSUF campus that builds community among students & faculty while supporting The American Papers, AMST conferences & other events that promote American Studies scholarship.

Asociación de Alumnos y Ex-Alumnos de Español (AAEE)

The Asociación de Alumnos y Ex-Alumnos de Español (Spanish Major Students/Alumni Association) was founded on April 29, 2000. Students interested and majoring in Modern Language Spanish will benefit from the enriching academic and cultural activities.

Association of Chinese Students (ACS)

ACS is an organization that strives to unite Chinese students and students interested in the Chinese culture. The three main purposes of this club are to bring cultural awareness, build community, and inspire students to become proactive in the Asian Pac

Bachelor of Arts Showcase Committee (B.A. Showcase Committee)

This organization provides educational opportunities for Department of Theatre and Dance B.A. students to showcase their talents as writers, directors, designers and performers through innovative, published, or original works.

Ballet Folklorico de Cal State Fullerton (BF de CSUF)

We, Ballet Folklorico de CSUF, exist to educate, preserve and promote cultural awareness of the Mexican Heritage by celebrating the diversity and beauty of Mexico's folk dance. BF de CSUF is all about Cultura, Sabor, Unidad, y Fuerza!

Black Business Student Association (BBSA)

BBSA is dedicated to serving the underrepresented students of CSUF by empowering and encouraging excellence in their academic, professional, and personal endeavors. BBSA is open to all students, regardless of major or background. We want you to succeed!

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union fosters student growth and development through diversity, academics, and community services and outreach. We provide an opportunity for students of all races to celebrate black culture, lifestyle, and history.

California State University, Fullerton Wushu Club (CSUF Wushu)

CSUF Wushu is an organization that allows any students and faculty members of CSUF to practice and learn Chinese martial arts. Practitioners of any experience level are welcome to learn and exercise the various Wushu techniques with us.

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