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Afro- Ethnic Student Association (AESA)

AESA contributes authenticity for the black community and focuses on social justice, cultivating unity, and highlighting the black experience.

Arts Inter-Club Council (AICC)

The AICC is a liaison for all arts organizations designed to increase communication within the College of the Arts and promote the growth of a unique artistic community by providing funding for events, as well as for students traveling to conferences.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union fosters student growth and development through diversity, academics, and community services and outreach. We provide an opportunity for students of all races to celebrate black culture, lifestyle, and history.

Business Inter-Club Council (BICC)

Business Inter-Club Council at CSUF is the governing and funding board for the clubs and organizations at Mihaylo College of Business & Economics. BICC facilitates the distribution of student fees from Associated Students, inc. (ASI) for student benefit.

Communications Inter-Club Council (CICC)

CICC is a funding council for the students and clubs in the College of Communications. ASI provides CICC a budget to provide funds for students that want to attend conferences and host on campus-events.

Community Service Inter-Club Council (CSICC)

Check out the Community Service Inter-club Council where we serve as a resource and link for students interested in becoming a part of a community service-based organization on campus. We offer funding, support, and guidance to clubs/students on campus.

Education Inter-Club Council (EICC)

The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for association interaction between the students in the College of Education, and the faculty and administration of the College of Education.

Engineering & Computer Science Inter Club Council (ECS ICC)

The purpose of this organization is to utilize funds allocated by Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) through democratic means for the purpose of enriching the experience of Engineering & Computer-Science students, through the student clubs.

Freshman Student Association (FSA)

Freshman Student Association (FSA) is a student-run organization that is facilitated and maintained by its all-Freshman Executive Board. We host a variety of fun events including social, community service & fundraising events for Freshmen by Freshmen.

Health & Human Development Inter-Club Council (HHD-ICC)

Consisting of various student clubs and organizations within the College of Health and Human Development, the Health and Human Development Inter-Club Council aims to promote the continual success of all college clubs and organizations.

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