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Cal State Fullerton Surf Club (Surf Club)

In a nutshell this is a club that welcomes all like minded individuals who partake in surfing, sponge, or any other form of wave riding!

California Geotechnical Engineering Association (CalGeo)

The purpose of this organization is to support initiative of the Geo-Institute to increase student membership and participation. Increase awareness among civil engineering undergraduates of the Geotechnical field and graduate school opportunities.

California State University Fullerton Men's Club Volleyball (CSUF Men's Volleyball)

The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for male students to participate in the sport of volleyball while interacting with other students of CSU Fullerton as well as other universities across the nation.

California State University, Fullerton Men's Water Polo

This club’s purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to play water polo and stay active on campus. Whether you’re wanting to learn, sharpen, or perfect the skill of playing water polo, all experience levels are welcome.

California State University, Fullerton Wushu Club (CSUF Wushu)

CSUF Wushu is an organization that allows any students and faculty members of CSUF to practice and learn Chinese martial arts. Practitioners of any experience level are welcome to learn and exercise the various Wushu techniques with us.

Cambodian Student Association (CSA)

Cambodian Student Association of Fullerton strives to support and promote awareness and to address a variety of subjects that relate to the Cambodian American community.

Camera Absurda

The purpose of this organization is to provide a photography club which promotes student interaction and discourse in the context of fine art.

Campus Outreach

The purpose of this organization is to spread the good news of hope and reconciliation to the students of Cal State Fullerton. We strive to generate peace and love in a multi ethnic environment and to share our philosophical beliefs.

Career Center

In the Career Center we offer various industry specialists to help you with any and all questions you have about your career path!

CFC Campus Ministry, California State University, Fullerton (CSUF)

CFC Campus Ministry is a ministry of Couples for Christ that renews the society by raising servant leaders grounded on Christian values, witnessing God through the campuses.

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