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Abled Advocators

The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for advocacy, leadership, and peer mentoring within the disabled community of Cal State Fullerton.

Acacia Group

English Club for undergraduate and Master of Arts students pursuing higher education goals

Accounting Society (AS)

The Accounting Society is a professional student organization committed to exposing students to opportunities for networking and career development that prepares them for the financial and accounting world.

Active Minds (AM)

Active Minds provides a safe, open platform for the Titan community to explore topics and experiences regarding mental health. We strive to eliminate social stigma surrounding mental illness by educating our community to break the silence.

Adults Who Are Returning to Education (AWARE)

The purpose of this organization is to encourage non-traditional students to become an effective integral part of the CSUF community, with various educational goals and to ensure that our voices are heard as non-traditional students.

Adventure Club

The purpose of CSUF Adventure Club is to create a platform for students interested in various outdoor activities like backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, camping, kayaking, biking and more. Join our FACEBOOK group, CSUF ADVENTURE CLUB and stay informed.

Advertising Club (AdClub)

We are a premiere organization offering members at CSUF a forum for creative growth and a bridge between campus and career in the advertising industry.

Afro- Ethnic Student Association (AESA)

AESA contributes authenticity for the black community and focuses on social justice, cultivating unity, and highlighting the black experience.

alliance for the preservation of African consciousness (apac)

Alliance for the Preservation of African Consciousness (APAC) provides unity among African – American males, promotes awareness while addressing current societal issues in addition to redefining and creating a positive image of African males on campus

Alpha Beta Gamma Fraternity Organization

We are a group of individuals with various backgrounds, majors, and career goals that believe everyone should be educated to an extent about the business world. Everything that we do in the "real world" is business related and we have to be ready.

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